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Casino Bonus Guide

Have you ever heard of an online casino bonus? Do you know what it means? Fun, that’s what it is! There are different ways that we’d describe this awesomeness but there are no words that will describe the joy correctly! 

If this is the first time you are visiting an online casino, you may feel swamped with the promises extra bonuses, special promotions and free cash. And it’s true that these bonuses and offers exist as online casinos will offer both new and returning players with the freebies. This is mostly to keep them more interested in their site(s) as well as making the time spent at these sites more rewarding. 

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As industry experts, we know how these bonuses and promotions can be more complicated; more than meets the eye. We also understand that the majority of the new players are concerned about the legitimacy of these bonuses, and if they are truly free as advertised by the majority of the casinos. 

This shouldn’t concern you as we were also newbies at some point. 

Today, right now, we are going to take you through some of the most common types of bonuses that you are going to come across at some of the online casinos. And at the end of our page, we’ve also included some of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to them. There are a lot of factors we consider when we review online casinos. This way, when you are choosing an online casino based on the bonuses and promotions, you can always make an informed decision! 

Online Casino Bonus Types

Why Do Online Casinos Dish Out Bonuses?

Reasons why online casinos offer their patrons with bonuses and engage them in on-going promotions vary. However, the main reason is to attract and lock as many patrons as possible to their platforms. As a marketing strategy, it has worked well for the majority of the top online casinos

What do we think of this strategy? Well, in our opinion, it’s perfect as it works well for both the online casinos and the players. Online casinos get to promote their services to the new members, while the new players who are still trying to learn a thing or two about online casinos can get to do this absolutely free. 

Popular Online Casino Bonuses – All You Need To Know

Without wasting any more time, here’s a complete list of the bonuses that you’ll come across online. 

1. Welcome Bonus – The First Of Many 

When you first begin your casino journey, the first thing that you can claim in order to have more playtime is the welcome bonus offer. 

As a way of attracting more patrons, especially the new players to the online gambling scene, the majority of online casinos – in fact almost 99% of these sites – have adopted various bonuses for those who sign up. Not only is this the best way to promote casino culture, but in terms of easing you into games such as slots, the welcome bonus offer is also generous and tries to give you a reasonable handicap over the casino. 

What exactly does the welcome bonus offer contain? That’s a long post for another day. However, what you need to know is that different online casinos offer Kenyans this bonus differently. Regardless of how they choose to, it comes in these two forms. 

  • As free cash 
  • As a package of free cash and free spins

The latter is more common and popular among the more established online casino sites. The list of the sites included in this page offers both forms. 

2. Reload Bonuses – It Will Double Your Wallet 

Does it mean that after the welcome bonus offer there will be no other form of bonus? On the contrary, that’s just the start of different bonuses that you are bound to be given at the site. And one that will immediately follow the welcome bonus offer in most cases is the reload bonus. 

Just as the name suggests, the reload bonus is meant to be free cash which you are given once you’ve ‘reloaded’ i.e., once you’ve topped up your account again. 

In most instances, the reload bonus is awarded as a form of a percentage of the amount you’ve deposited. Therefore, if an online casino offers you a 100% reload bonus, it means that you get a 100% bonus for the deposit you make. 

Case example: An online casino has a 100% reload bonus offer up to a maximum of Ksh10,000 for all qualifying players. In order to receive the cash, you need to make a minimum deposit of Ksh1,000. This, therefore, means that anytime you’ve made a second deposit that’s between Ksh1,000 and Ksh10,000, the casino will deposit an equal sum of money to your account in the form of a bonus. 

3. Cashback Bonus – Consider It As Your Casino Insurance 

Consider a cashback bonus as a smart way of playing at the casino. In order to qualify for this bonus, you need to opt into it. And once activated, you’ll have to play the games that cover it and if you fail to win, you are covered up to a certain amount. 

With the cash back bonus, the amount you receive back is based on your bet loss. This means that if you’ve lost more than you’ve played for, you will be able to claim a percentage of it back. 

Case example: If you have a net loss of Ksh10,000 and the casino offers you a 25% cashback bonus, it means that you’ll be awarded with a Ksh2,500 cashback bonus. 

4. Win Boosts – A Perfect Way of Having Your Cake And Eating It Too

What’s more enticing than one win at the casinos? Two of course! Win boosts usually work like cashback bonuses, just the other way around. It’s especially applicable in slot games, and once it’s active, the casino gives you a certain percentage extra based on how much you’ve won. The amount of bonus cash you are awarded is usually based on the much you’ve won and not how much you’ve wagered. 

Case example: If you’ve wagered Ksh10,000 and won Ksh35,000, this is a Ksh15,000 net win. Based on this, if the casino has a 50% win boost, you’ll get an extra Ksh7,500. 

5. Amount Bonus – It Involves Numbers 

This form of bonus is much like the reload bonus only that it doesn’t rely on percentages. You can claim this form of bonus through two main ways: 

  • When you make a deposit 
  • As part of the casino’s special promotion

In order to claim the amount bonus, you simply need to make meet the set requirements, wager it and withdraw it! 

6. No Deposit Bonus – A Little Extra, On The House 

The final and most sought after type of bonus is the no deposit bonus. Just as the name suggests, a no deposit bonus doesn’t require you to make any cash deposit to qualify for it. Rather, it is awarded to you, free of any charges. Because of this, very few online casinos offer this type of bonus as it is rather expensive to sustain. 

Why do online casinos offer free money? And is it really free? These are perhaps some of the questions that are running through your head as you read this. In a detailed guide to no deposit bonuses, we explain everything about no deposit bonuses, including why online casinos have these offers. 

Casino No Deposit Bonus

7. Free Spins

In the simplest definition, free spins are free games that the online casino awards you as part of the different promotion(s), usually this bonus is associated with slots. It could be as part of the welcome bonus offer, as part of the no deposit bonus, or simply a stand-alone promotion. Depending on the promotion, you can be awarded as few as 5 free spins to as many as 500 free spins. In the event that the promotional offer is awarded as per the second batch, it comes in the form of batches, spread over a few days. 

When the online casino awards you with the free spins, it will immediately credit to your account. It’s from here that you can keep track of the number of free spins that you’ve used and the balance. 

Also worth mentioning is that the free spins awarded to you do not have any financial worth attached to them. This means that you can’t withdraw them but rather use them as stipulated in the terms and conditions section. 

8. Wagering Free Bonus

Wagering free bonuses can either be awarded in the form of a no deposit or deposit bonus. What differentiates it from the other casino bonuses is that they don’t usually have any wagering requirements attached to them. This means that you can start using them as soon as they are awarded to you or as soon as you’ve met the qualification conditions. 

Since there are no wagering requirements attached to them, online casinos that offer to wager free bonuses tend to have so many restrictions on them. For instance, you cannot withdraw them, but rather use them to play the games on offer. 

9. VIP Bonuses

The modern day online casino site tends to offer their patrons VIP membership programs. Through these programs, members are assured of earning bonuses that come in different forms. These include comp points based on how one spends cash at the site, private rewards depending on the VIP tier that you are enrolled to as well as promotions for special events. 

While some of these VIP programs are easy to join – as long as you’ve signed up at the casino – others require you to meet a set of minimum requirements. Others, on rare occasions, are invite-only. In order to know the type of membership being offered, it’s always advisable that you contact the customer support team for more details. 

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Picking Good Deposit Bonuses – What Do You Look For?

Getting a good casino bonus should be your priority when you are planning on joining an online casino site. And while there are several types of bonuses as listed above, some stand out more than others. On the outward, they may appear as the same, but a closer look will reveal others have better rewards. 

So how do you pick a good casino bonus? Or rather, what factors will tell you that the bonus is right? Below are some of the factors to consider! 

Understanding casino bonuses

Understand what’s At Stake – The Bonus Amount Being Offered

Most of the players tend to believe that the higher the bonus, the better. However, this belief is a lie as it’s highly advised that one should pick a bonus in accordance with the stake level. Bear in mind that there is very minimal difference between a 50% match deposit bonus up to Ksh10,000 and a 100% match deposit bonus up to Ksh20,000 as they’ll both give you a 50% value on the amount you deposit. 

For the first bonus offer, you’ll have to make a Ksh20,000 deposit in order to receive the Ksh10,000 bonus. This is the same amount that you’ll be awarded if you settled for the second offer. 

Look at the Minimum Deposit Requirement

The other important fact to consider when picking up a bonus is what good is the 100% match deposit bonus up to a maximum of Ksh10,000 if you can only deposit Ksh100 every time? It practically becomes impossible for you to take full advantage of the bonus if you fail to meet the minimum deposit requirements. 

It, therefore, goes without saying that you need to ensure that you can afford the quantity before claiming the offer. Some of the online casinos target only the high rollers in the Kenyan industry, but we are certain that you’ll find one that has your needs at heart here. 

Wagering Requirements Are Crucial in Bonus Evaluation

You also need to consider the wagering requirements of the bonus cash. They tend to annoy most of the online casino players as the majority are required to wager the amount of bonus awarded a given number of times before redeeming the cash. In some cases, you can only wager the bonus money, while in others, you have to wager the bonus plus deposit amount. It’s therefore important that you understand this part of the bonus before opting for a bonus. 

Is It A Sticky Or Non-Sticky Bonus?

We’ve listed up to 9 (nine) different types of bonuses above. There are plenty of other bonuses offered at multiple online casinos. However, regardless of the huge number, bonuses are usually classified into two broad categories. 

  • The sticky bonuses – these are the type where you can only use the bonus money to play games or access the casino’s services and cannot withdraw them 
  • The non-sticky or cashable bonuses – which let you withdraw the bonus amount as well as the winnings resulting from the game

Understanding Wagering Requirements

The term wagering requirements has been popping up throughout this page and you are perhaps wondering what they actually mean. 

Well, in most of the cases, every time you are awarded a bonus, you are always told that the money can only be withdrawn after meeting certain terms. The most common form is the wagering requirements, which is just a simple term that means the amount that you have to spend on the bonus before you can withdraw the bonus. 

As mean as this may sound, it’s a fairly necessary precautionary measure taken by the casinos to protect themselves from exploitation by rogue players. 

How Do Wagering Requirements Work In Practice?

For instance, if you’ve been awarded with a bonus of Ksh10,000 at wagering requirements of 20x the bonus amount, it means that you have to spend Ksh200,000 in real money at the site in order to withdraw the bonus. 

If the wagering requirement was 20x the bonus + deposit amount, then you would have to spend up to 20x (the bonus money + the deposit) in order to withdraw the bonus. 

In both cases, if you are a high roller – players who spend huge sums of money at the casinos – meeting such high wagering requirements wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are a casual player looking to have some fun, this wouldn’t be the best option for you. 

Besides the wagering requirements, the majority of the players don’t realize that there are other conditions that you have to meet in order to claim a bonus. This is why it’s important for you as a player to go through the set terms and conditions, ensuring that you’ve fully understood the fine print. 

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1 helabet Casino logo Welcome Bonus 100% Up To 162,000 KES + 150 Free Spins Claim Bonushelabet Casino Review

Claim Casino Bonus From Your Mobile

Thanks to the ever changing technology, online casinos are now able to offer you an exceptional VIP experience on your mobile device. This means that you can now enjoy a wide collection of casino games seamlessly and conveniently through your iOS, Android or tablet devices. Most importantly, you can claim any of the listed bonuses whenever you are. 

Claim Casino Bonus


Regardless of the time of the day, week, month, year or season, you are assured to find amazing bonuses and promotions being offered at the online casinos. Whether it is a welcome bonus, free spins, cash prize, rebate or any other bonus for that matter, there’s something that’s certain to get your attention. Make the most of your online casino experience by joining our top recommended online casinos. Here, you are assured of exceptional bonus offers that come with friendly terms and conditions! 

Casino Bonus FAQs

A casino bonus is an extra cash that’s added to your online casino account. Normally, it’s accompanied by a minimum deposit and wagering requirement. Different casinos award you different sorts of bonuses.

Free spins, also referred to as free rounds, is a form of bonus that some of the online casinos offer. Just as the name suggests, you’ll be spinning games as specified in the terms and conditions, free of any charges.

Bonus and free spins information are always listed under the casino’s promotions page. If you’d like to get more details regarding the bonus and free spins, always visit the terms and conditions section.

Also referred to as the rollover requirement, this is the amount of money that you have to spend at the casino before you can withdraw the bonus money. Like the bonus amount, different casinos have different wagering requirements.

Visit the promotion section under ‘My Account’ to see how much you’ve contributed to the wagering requirement.

No, different games contribute differently to the wagering requirement. In most cases, slot games tend to have the highest contribution with a 100% contribution rate. Other games such as table games have a 0% contribution rate towards the wagering requirement.

Of course, they can. Normally, there’s a time frame set for you to meet the wagering requirement and claim the set bonus. Failure to meet this date will see your bonus money being forfeited by the casino.

If you still haven’t met the set wagering requirements, the bonus money will always remain in the ‘bonus’ account. Only after meeting the wagering requirements will it be transferred to your real money account. From here, you can easily withdraw it or use it as it pleases you!

The best possible way to get the answer to this is by visiting the terms and conditions section of the promotions page. Players from certain countries cannot claim certain bonuses and all this information is usually listed in the T&Cs section.

Absolutely not! Casino bonuses are usually optional and you can choose not to opt in. Even if you are automatically entered into one, you can always assume it and proceed with normal play.