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Guide to Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo might not be a popular game like blackjack, roulette, or video poker, yet it is worth checking out. This game of chance is offered in many reputable online casinos that accept Kenya punters. Playing Sic Bo online comes with great benefits. You get the opportunity to enjoy big bonuses, fast payouts, and standby customer support service among other goodies. Moreover, many casinos are optimized for mobile devices, thus, you can play your favorite variant of the game from wherever you are. What’s more, is that the online version is available in free mode and real money to accommodate people with different budgets and experiences. Continue reading our detailed Sic bo guide to learn about the origins of the game,  playing rules, bets and payouts, winning tips and strategies, and much more.

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History of Sic Bo

The roots of Sic bo can be traced back to ancient China. The game is known by different names like Dai Siu, Tai Sai, and Hi-Lo. The name Sic bo means a pair of dice, as the game was originally played with two dice before it was moved to three. Moreover, the game was widely used by the Chinese masters as a form of relaxation after their workout and practice. The first version did not use dice because they were not yet invented, instead, they used available objects like small bones and shells to count. Sic bo was taken to the US by the Chinese railway workers who used it as a form of entertainment in the camps. When it arrived in Britain, it was blended with Hazard – a game played using two dice – to form Grand Hazard which was played using three dice. This has remained the rule of playing Sic bo to this day.

Sic Bo Guide

Sic Bo Rules

Whether you are playing Sic bo for fun or real money, it is essential to master the rules of playing before you get started. Being a pure game of chance, Sic bo has very few and simple rules to follow. Like in roulette, the objective of the game is to predict the outcome after the dice are rolled. It is essential to understand that there are over 50 types of bets in Sic bo, but only a select few are popularly used.

Before each dice roll, you must place bets on the number that can be rolled.

The good thing about playing online is that the toll of the dice is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting biased results.

How to Play Sic Bo

If you are playing Sic bo for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the layout of the table. You will notice that it has some close similarities with roulette and craps, only that it has images of the dice and the potential number totals for the dice. Also, you will see the payout for each dice roll right on the table. Here are the steps to playing Sic bo online:

  • Choose your preferred Sic bo game;
  • Place bets by placing the betting chips on the possible outcome of the dice;
  • Click on the roll button to roll the dice in order to determine the winner;
  • The payouts are based on the paytable that is displayed on the Sic bo screen.
  • Once the payouts have been awarded, you can play again if you wish.

Bet Types and Payouts

Betting options and payouts are a very essential part of the game. As you are aware, Sic bo offers both low and high bets. The good thing with this game is that you can bet as many combinations as you want. Below and the betting options and payouts you expect to find in any Sic bo game:

  • Single Number Bet – This bet allows you to wager on a single number ranging between 1 and 6 that will show up on the rolled dice. The payouts for this bet are 1 pays 1:1, 2 pays 2:1, and 3 pays 3:1. Also, it has an average house edge of 7.9%.
  • Combination Bets – In this bet, you choose which two numbers will appear in the winning combination. The payout is 6:1 and a house edge of 2.8%.
  • Three Number Bet – You bet on any specific combination of three numbers that will appear. It has a payout of 30:1 and a house edge of 7.9%.
  • Small or Big Bet – With the small bet, you wager that the dice total will range between 4 and 10 while in the big bet you wager that the dice total will be between 11 and 17. The payout for both is 1:1 and the house edge is 2.8%.
  • Triple Bets – Also known as ‘All’ bets, it is where you wager that a specific number will show up on all three dice. The payout is 180:1 and a house edge of 16.2%.
  • Any Triple Bet – This bet is also known as ‘All All’, and you wager that any triple will appear on the dice. The payout is 30:1 and a house edge of 13.9%.
  • Odd or Even Bets – With the odd bet, you wager that the total score will be an odd number while the even bet means that the sum of the outcome will be even. They have a payout of 1:1 and a house edge of 2.8%.
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Sic Bo Glossary

The following are some of the most common terms that you will come across when playing online Sic bo:

  • Cage – a small cup-like device used for shaking and rolling the dice.
  • Chuck luck – a type of Sic bo game with lower payouts and odds.
  • Re-bet – this option allows you to play the same bet value again.
  • Clear – a term used to refer to erasing all wagers and replacing them with others.
  • Layout – is the actual grid for playing Sic bo.
  • Hi-Lo – is a Philippine version of Sic bo.
  • House – a term used to refer to the casino.
  • House Edge – is the mathematical advantage a casino has over the players.
  • Paytable – a chart displaying all the bets and payouts.
  • Snake Eyes – a term used to refer to when two rolled dice end up with a pip on each other.
  • Bet – the money you wager on a certain outcome in a game.
  • Combination – a bet that allows you to choose two numbers that will appear on the rolled dice.
  • Double or Duo – you bet in two of the three dice showing a particular number.
  • Strong Bet – a bet you place on the results of all three of the dice.
  • RNG – a software used to randomly generate results in Sic bo.

Play Sic Bo Online

With so many online casinos accepting Kenya punters, it can be a hell of a task to find a safe and reputable website. We have listed some of the key factors to consider when choosing a good Sic bo casino.

A legit online casino must have a license(s) from a recognized authority like Malta, Curacao, and Gibraltar. The website must utilize the latest security technology like SSL software to encrypt all your data and transactions.

A good online casino should provide numerous substantial bonuses and promotions to lure and encourage customers to play on the website. You should be able to access the website from any mobile device, like smartphones and tablets either instantly or by downloading an application.

The casino should provide a wide range of casino games to play, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and more. Also, live dealer game options should be available too.

The casino should offer all around the clock customer support service through email, live chat, and telephone.

Tips and Strategy

Whether you are new or an experienced gambler, we encourage you to follow these simple tips and strategies to boost your chances of winning in Sic bo. They include:

  • Learn Sic Bo – take time to learn how the game is played and the rules to follow.
  • Practice – take advantage of the free Sic bo games to practice before you start real money gambling.
  • Pick the right variant – you should pick a game that you are comfortable playing.
  • Choose bets wisely – with so many sic b bets, you have to choose one with good payouts.
  • Select a Good Casino – you must choose a safe and reliable casino to play Sic bo.
  • Avoid Triple Bets – avoid this bet because the casino has a high advantage.
  • Apply Low-Risk Strategy – you can start by placing small or big bets.
  • Play Combination Bet – these bets often come with a small house edge making them suitable for all.


Sic bo might not be your daily go-to casino game, but it surely is a great choice, especially for beginners. The game is purely based on luck and comes with numerous betting options. Moreover, it is available in leading Kenyan online casinos and you can begin with the free version before you gamble real money. We encourage you to read the rules and other game requirements before you start playing.


It is a small device used by the dealer to shake or roll the dice.

The betting option in Sic bo for beginners is small or big as there is less risk involved.

The highest betting option is Sic bo is a triple bet.

Yes, these games are fair as they use a random number generator software to determine the result of each rolled dice.

Yes, you can play Sic bo on any mobile devices like smartphone and tablets.

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