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Online Casino Slots – What Are They All About?

Online casinos present you with the latest and exciting slot games from multiple software providers 24/7. Thanks to the collaboration between online casinos and software companies, there’s now an extensive range of multiple varieties of slots for you to pick. This ranges from the retro-fruit machines and similar, classic-themes games, through to the modern video slot games that have all been designed to thrill.

Kenyan online casinos have put together every sort of slot game you can think of within easy reach. This has not only made casino entertainment fun, but it has also increased winning opportunities more enjoyable than ever. From the old school favorites to the trend-themed new releases that have just been based around current trends, online casinos have a slot game that will thrill every Kenyan player.

If you are looking to try out some of these online casino slots, especially if you are new to online casino gaming, this is the first place to start from. You’ll find all the necessary information regarding slots, plus discover a few of the Kenyan friendly casinos. And to make it easy for you to pick an online casino yourself, you’ll be thrilled to know that we have listed a few pointers to look for. Enjoy!

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What Are Slots – A Brief History of Slot

Pokies, fruit machines, fruities, or one-armed bandit machines – these are all names used to refer to slots. Yet, regardless of how you’d like to refer to them, these beautiful spinners trace their roots to one machine – The Liberty Bell – which was invented by Charles Fey back in the 1890s. This was the first-ever slot machine to be designed and since then, there has been significant progress in improving its design and overall playability.
Despite all the milestones covered since Charles Fey’s liberty bell slot machine, two have changed how we play these games.
● The first one came in the 1980s when the first-ever slot machine that uses the classic fruit, bells, bars, and 7s symbols were designed. These games are widely available at the land-based casinos, most notably at the Westlands casinos
● The second one came with the invention of the internet. This gave rise to the current crop of online slot games that you can play at the Kenya friendly online casino.
Whether you choose to play the classic or traditional slot machines or the more contemporary video slots, these games offer you one thing: An opportunity to stake some cash and win some while having some fun.

While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll always win some money, when you do, there are games that can pay out millions of dollars. When converted, this cash tends to be in hundreds or billions of Ksh. In order to increase your winning chances, it’s important to understand these games well. Know the
different types of games as well as arm yourself with a few tips to enable you to lower the house edge.

Online Slots

Different Types of Online Slots

Online casinos have covered all their bases, so lovers of the game can enjoy all sorts of games. This range from games that were being played yesteryear as well as the more contemporary titles. Here’s a breakdown of all the types of online slots that you’ll come across while playing at the online casinos.

Classic Reels Slots

These are the 3 reel slots that feature vintage-themed symbols. You can play these games to your heart’s content, and take a trip down memory lane with the various interesting themes that offer simple action and big wins.
Lucky number 7’s, bells, fruits, and bars are some of the symbols that have been featured on the classic reels. If you’ll be trying to land some big wins, you’ll be doing so on either 3 reels or 5 reels – but not more than that!

The More Contemporary Video Slots

The state of the art video slots produced by some of the top software providers are readily available at the Kenyan online casinos. These are thrilling titles with exemplary graphics and sleek animations that will bring different stories to life as their reels roll.
Video slots are the next generation after classic slots and perfectly combine spinning reel action with video games action. And the selection online has a game for everyone. From the supernatural and the super spies to underwater adventures to superheroes, video slots have games that suit everyone’s preferences.

3D Slots

Like video slots, 3D slots bring interesting storylines to life. They also feature bumper bonus games and other interesting in-game features. However, unlike video slots, their graphics, animations, and engine that they run on are very realistic and powerful. This makes them a marvel to spin each time at the casino! BetSoft software provider was the pioneer of 3D slots, though several other software developers are following in their footsteps now.

The Power of Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you’ve been searching for big wins at the casinos, then there’s no better time to visit the online casinos and try out the progressive jackpot slots. These are games that promise millions of dollars, which easily translate to billions of Kenyan shillings.
However, before you can play these games, it’s worth noting that jackpot slots are just a general term used to cover two main categories of slots.
● Flat jackpot slots: These games have a flat jackpot attached to them
● Progressive jackpot slots: They tend to have a prize pot that grows every time a player spins the reels.

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Mobile Casino Slots

They are what they sound like. Mobile casino slots are games that have been optimized for play on the mobile platform. These games have either been designed specifically for the mobile platform or adjust to fit your device’s system requirements. At the online casinos, there are two main categories of mobile casino slots.
● No download mobile slots are readily available through the flash-based program. All you need to play these games is to have an up to date browser. Most people prefer playing no download slots because of the quality of security they offer.
● The download mobile slots, on the other hand, are to be downloaded to your PC. The sound and graphics of these games are sharp and are very fast as compared to the no-download games

mobile slots

Real Money vs. Free to Play Slots

Whilst the free to play slots are a great way to hone your skills or play for fun before spending your money, for some, nothing quite matches the excitement and thrill of playing games in real money online casino. From the table below, you can easily see that each of the categories comes with its own advantage and disadvantage.

Free Slots

  • You don’t have to spend any money to play
  • Because no money is involved, you only win virtual currency that cannot be withdrawn
  • Best suited for casual players looking to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics
  • Have all the features of the real money slots, including bonus games

Real Money Slots

  • Only real money is involved while playing
  • Since real money is involved, you get to win real money that you can withdraw
  • Casual players and pros can play real money slots.
  • The main aim is to win some real cash
  • Includes all the features of free slots, but cannot be played for free unless it’s the free spins game
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Advantages of Playing Slots Online

So why exactly should you play slots at the online casino instead of the local brick and mortar establishments? Below are some of the advantages or pros involved with playing slots online!

A Remarkable Variety of Titles

The variety of slots online is considerably different from those offered at the land based casinos in that there are several games to pick from. Since there’s no space limit, online casinos can hold as many as 3,000 games at a go, compared to only 500-1,000 games at the land based casinos.

All the Action, Whenever You Feel Like

Once you’ve signed up at the online casinos, you’ll be able to play slots online whenever you feel like!
This eliminates the need to visit your favorite land based casino, where there are extra costs such as paying for drinks, food, and transportation. Instead, you can channel all that cash towards boosting your
bankroll and prolonging your gameplay as you tuck in your bed, curl up on your sofa, or spin the reels as you head to work.

Exemplary Service Delivery

Online casino sites ensure that each aspect of playing slots is first-rate. By choosing to play slots at the online casinos, you can look forward to not only a wide variety of games, optimized for play on the mobile platform, but also other services such as 24/7 customer support, a wide array of payment
options and services tailored for the average Kenyan casino player.

Free to Play Slots

You don’t have to spend money playing slots online. Thanks to the free to play game mode, you can easily take your preferred game of choice for a test drive before committing real money. This option is never available at the land based casinos.

Awesome Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to simplifying the signing up process, online casinos have a myriad of bonuses and promotions to accompany the slot games. In most cases, you’ll be welcomed to the site with free match deposit bonus + free spins. In other instances, you are awarded free spins, which you’ll use to play certain games (as specified in the terms and conditions section).

Disadvantages of Online Slots

There really aren’t many disadvantages associated with playing online slots. The main disadvantage perhaps is the lack of the game’s ability to reward you with consistent wins. This is further worsened by the fact that there’s no sure strategy that you can use to reduce the house edge given the random nature of slot games.
Lastly, given how simple these beautiful spinners are to play, they can easily become addictive. The designers of slot(s) incorporate features that make it really exciting and thrilling to play them. If not checked, they can easily turn into an addiction, which can easily result in problematic gambling.

Slot Bonuses – Pre-game and In-game Bonuses

Talking of bonuses, slot games tend to offer some of the best offers in the games category. These bonuses are broadly categorized into two, and any player can take full advantage of them.

online casino slots

Pre-game slot bonuses

These ones are mostly awarded to new players to enable them to try out selected few slots. Good examples of pre-game slot bonuses are the free spins that come as part of the casino welcome bonus package. Once you’ve signed up and made your initial deposit, the casino will award you with a fixed number of free spins, either at once or spread in a few days. These free spins slot bonuses are then used to play the specified game for free.
Before claiming these free spins bonuses, there are a number of things you need to remember.

  1. They are usually time-sensitive. You need to claim them within the specified time, otherwise, they expire.
  2. The wins from these free spins are usually capped at a maximum amount.

In-game Bonuses

These are the bonuses that make slots one of the most preferred types of games online. Given the sheer number of slots online, there are several types of in-game slot bonuses and we cannot list all of them on this page. However, there are a few common types that cut across the industry.
Free Spins – Triggered when you land at least three scatter symbols on the reels. The result is a few numbers of free spins as per the game’s paytable
Click Me Bonuses – When activated, you are meant to click on symbols presented on the screen to reveal the hidden bonus amount
Multiplier Bonuses – They will multiply your wins by a given number as indicated

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Online Casino Software Providers

We’ve had a look at some of the important aspects of online slots gaming. But who are the people behind these exciting spinners? Is it an individual or a group of individuals?
Like any other software developing company, there are several players that are responsible for ensuring that we get to play slot games. These companies are constantly looking for new ways to entertain you and
are constantly releasing titles for you to enjoy.
At the advent of the online casino industry, there were only a handful of providers. However, as the demand for the slots increased, so did the software providers. Today, you’ll find more than 100 different software companies that provide slots. Some of the key players in the industry have been listed below.

Important Slots Terminologies to Remember

Before playing any online slot game, there are some important terminologies that you have to remember. These terminologies are always featured in every slot game you play online and include the following.
RTP – The RTP word is an acronym for Return to Player Percentage. This is a theoretical figure used to describe the amount of cash wagered on a slot, which will be paid back to you after playing the slot game for a certain period of time. It is usually advisable that you play slots that feature high RTPs of 95% plus and those with medium-high volatility if you seek big wins.
House Edge – The house edge of a given slot game is simply the advantage that the house has every time you are playing the game. Like the RTP, the house edge is usually indicated as a percentage and it found by subtracting the RTP from 100. Therefore, if a game has an RTP of
95%, the house edge is usually 5%.
Volatility – This is a word that most players confuse with the RTP. The volatility of a slot game refers to the risk that the slot game inherently possesses. Generally speaking, slots that have low volatility will payout small wins frequently. Slots with high volatility tend to pay out medium wins once in a while and hardly pay out high wins.
Free Spins – Free spins are what they sound like – they are free spins. This is a special type of bonus game that’s usually triggered by the scatter symbols. The free spins can occasionally be re-triggered as long as you land extra scatter symbols during the free spins game
Scatter Symbols – These are one of the bonus symbols in the game that appears scattered anywhere on the reels to trigger the free spins game. Different online slot games have different scatter symbols depending on the theme
Wild Symbols – They are also special symbols in the game that replace all the other symbols (besides scatter symbols) to form winning combinations.
Multipliers – Also known as Win Multipliers, these little goodies are aimed at increasing your wins by subjecting them to the stated multipliers. As you play online slots, you are bound to come across them in the base game or during the bonus rounds, depending on the software developers choice
● Random Number Generator – Abbreviated as the RNG, this is software that ensures each spin of the slot’s reels is totally random and unpredictable. In other words, the RNG software acts as security between you, the player, and the online casino. It ensures a completely fair gaming process for both the casino and the player.
Slots Paylines – A slots payline refers to the line where the winning combination is formed.
Usually, the more active paylines, the better your chances of winning!

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Quick Slot Tips

Are you ready to play online slots already? Not quite! Before you start to play online slots, you need to keep these tips in mind.

Always go for slots with smaller jackpots

If you are looking for wins from jackpot games, always go for the smaller jackpot games. They pay out more often than the higher prized progressive jackpot games.

Play for free before committing any money

It’s a rule of the thumb that you should always take a slot game for a spin using the free to play mode before committing any real cash

Choose a highly reputable online casino

Most importantly, play slots online at a reputable casino brand. This not only ensures that you have a fair gaming experience, but also that you get paid for your wins

Have a bankroll and strictly adhere to it

A bankroll simply refers to the amount that you have to spend on the slot machine and the best way to ensure that you increase your winning chances is to prolong it for as long as possible. Have a good bankroll management strategy/plan to see it last for long. This ensures that you play slots online for a long time and thus increase your winning chance!

online Slots tips


It’s an undeniable fact that from all the online casino games slots are the most fun to play, and there is a reason why they are some of the most sought after games in every Kenyan online casino. And while there’s a myth that these games of chances are rigged, your chances of winning are usually equal to your chances of winning. So, the most important fact to remember as you play them is that video slots are fun to play and by following the tips stated above, you are assured of having a great time playing these spinners online.

Online Slots FAQs

No, there’s always a provision for playing slots for free. The free to play game mode is meant to enable you to test the game and see if it fits your gaming preference.

This is a myth that has been peddled for many years. At the land based casinos, some of the slot machines were manipulated to favor some of the players. However, with the new crop of online slots, it’s difficult to rig them thanks to the Random Number Generator software

It all depends on the slot game that you pick. Jackpot slots are difficult to win as compared to the simple classic themed online slots.

In terms of game mechanics, the land based slots are similar to online slot games. However, just as the online slots are varied, so are the land based slots. They have different themes, in-game features, bet limits, and bonus rounds.

As we’ve already mentioned, online slots are a game that relies mostly on luck to win. This is because the game’s results are totally random, all thanks to the Random Number Generator software. What this therefore means is that you cannot use a strategy to win at slots. However, using the tips listed above, you can prolong your playtime and consequently increase your winning chances.

There has never been a safe time to play slots online like now! Reputable Kenya friendly online casinos use state of the art security and technology to ensure that it’s 100% safe and secure to play their games.

A casino that has been audited and certified to be safe, secure, and committed to promotions fair gaming is highly recommended. Other features that a recommended online slots casino should possess include a variety of payment options, round the clock customer support services, a variety of games and highly optimized mobile platform.