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When you use our website to search for top Kenyan casinos, you will notice the use of different terms. The terms and conditions together with the Privacy Policy are referred to as an “Agreement”. ‘We’ means the owners of casinos-online.co.ke. In our terms, ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘User’ or ‘Player’ is used to refer to the person reading the content. In turn ‘Content’ is any kind of information available on the website, including text or visual materials. Also, there are Third Parties that are non-members of the casinos-online.co.ke platform. By accessing the information on our website, you accept and agree to the terms of service stated in the ‘Agreement’. ‘Website’, ‘Site’ or ‘Platform’ is hereby used to refer to our company.

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We are an independent company that provides information about online casinos and sports betting in Kenya. All the information we update on our website is intended to help players to find the best casinos and ways to boost their winnings opportunities.  While we list different casinos on our site, we don’t offer opportunities for our readers to play real money games. In short, we are not a gambling site where you can sign up and gamble. It is essential to understand that we are not responsible for any changes in the information we share on the site. Please note that we may limit access to the information on our site, which includes text, music, pictures, and any other material without any notice. That’s why we recommend you read and understand our terms and conditions before you access our website content.

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We are not responsible in any way for any losses you may incur while accessing our website. It is the users’ duty to research online casinos further on their own and gamble responsibly. Moreover, you may not claim any compensation or legal fee that may arise in your use of our information.


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